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Sam Farr Hangs UN Flag

Farr is first Congressman to fly UN Flag
Santa Cruz Sentinel
April 4, 2003

Coast Lines
Washington dc
Sam Farr hangs UN flag

U.S. Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, became the first member of Congress to display the flag of the United Nations outside his office this week.
The flag joins the American flags and the flags of California and the Peace Corps, which Farr joined in the 1960s.
"The congressman wanted to illustrate his solidarity with the international community," said Sarah Rosen, Farr?s press secretary.
Other Congress members have yet to join Farr or comment on his action, Rosen said.

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1.5 million dead

Great, Farr hangs the UN flag. This is the flag representing the world body that carried out a 12 year starvation blockade against Iraq, killing 1.5 million people. According to Sam Farr's own words at the recent Santa Cruz town hall meeting he supports the blockade because it is not unilateral. Starving a population, including its children, is wrong no matter what den of thieves carries it out.

Now we hate the UN too

Yeah, the UN sucks. So does the Red Cross, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch....

pledging allegiance?

Isn't flying the colors of some authority usually a declaration of allegiance to that authority?
Is Farr aware of the symbolism of his act?
If his allegiances are divided, should he be representing us in Washington?
Is Farr angling to be ambassador to the UN?
Should we help him by defeating him at the polls next year, leaving him free to take the ambassador position?
Are you aware of the substantial differences between the US Bill of Rights and the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
Have you thought carefully about the implications and cost of each?
Which would you rather have?
Do you not worry that making the US subservient to any world government will leave you even less power to affect the laws that you yourself must obey?
How much effect can you have on City Council actions? County Supervisor meetings? California State Assembly deliberations? Acts of Congress in Washington? How much less effect will you have on UN deliberations and acts?
Why rush to embrace global government when that can only lessen your own significance, and squeeze out some intermediate layer of government that you now have more chance to affect than will ever be true in the case of the world body?

Representatives have free speach too

I applaud U.S. Representative Sam Farr for his far-sighted wisdom. The United States is a signer to the United Nations Charter. The United Nations flag, according to law may be flown or displayed together with the host country's flag or alone.

According to the U.N. flag regulations, when flown or displayed with the host country's flag it cannot be flown lower or be of a smaller size.

I have proudly displayed my United Nations flag on my house for some time. It is my way of saying thet I am a part of the whole human race as well as being an American.

The United Nations may not be perfect as the United States is not perfect but we should head in the right direction and support internationalism.


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