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Meeting to discuss resolution to send troops home

Meeting to discuss resolution to send troops home


April 5, 2003
Sentinel staff writer

Expect to hear the City Council call for “the immediate, safe return of all coalition troops” during Monday night’s town hall meeting.
The three-hour meeting about the war against Iraq starts at 7 p.m. at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium in downtown Santa Cruz. The council is considering drafting a resolution to follow its previous statements against the war.
Like all town hall events, this event is open to all residents regardless of their views on the war. But at past town tall meetings, the vast majority of speakers have been against war.
The council may consider other actions as well, such as “communications to the federal government and the United Nations,” according to a city press release.
Santa Cruz peace activist Virginia Merrill, 87, said she backs the planned resolution and wants to see Santa Cruz be “the first (city) in the U.S. to petition Congress to bring our troops home.”
In addition, Merrill wants to see the resolution say “no money for war.”
At times, the council draws snickers for resolutions from those who dismiss the actions as empty gestures.
But Merrill said timely resolutions make a “tremendous” difference.
“The fact that our city was first to pass a resolution for peace got on national TV, and so will this. Our children should not be over there, massacring anybody or being massacred,” she said.
The council will also hear from constituents who have other suggestions about how the city should react to the war.
Some have asked the council to offer asylum for those who have joined the military reserves but resist serving in Iraq.
There has been widespread press coverage of Lance Cpl. Stephen Funk, the 20-year-old Bay Area Marine reservist who wishes to be discharged from service as a conscientious objector.
Others want a city resolution demanding the impeachment of President Bush.
While the Feb. 18 town hall meeting on Iraq, held at the Del Mar Theatre, did not fill the 500 seats in the theater’s grand auditorium, the city is taking no chances this time. The Civic Auditorium has nearly four times the capacity.
Last time, some residents grumbled because the Del Mar did not have the equipment hook-ups needed for a cable TV simulcast
But the auditorium is wired for that purpose, and the meeting will be broadcast on Community Television Channel 26.
A representative from U.S. Rep. Sam Farr’s office and county supervisors Mardi Wormhoudt, Jeff Almquist and Jan Beautz will attend.
Farr, keynote speaker at the last town hall meeting, will be in Washington, D.C., during this event.
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NOT ignoring issues at HOME!

not matter how many resolutions the city of santa cruz passes, even anti-war, anti-military-spending ones, if the city of santa cruz and its city council does not address the issues at home, these anti-war resolutions are just useless piles of paper made and signed by people that Washington doesnt even have to acknowledge.

point being that while people are going to raise the issues of bringing the troops home and immediate cease-fire on Iraq and whatnot, which are all very valid and important, let some of us not forget the downtown ordinances that are still prohibiting residents of santa cruz to sleep on the street, play on the street, even SIT on the street!

personally i'm not gonna let emily reiley get away with distracting attention from the war she's waging on homeless people and street musicians all in the name of COMMERCE.

if one thinks about it, this bloody war for control over oil production is indeed about COMMERCE.

but what anti-war, anti-downtown-ordinances activists are concerned about is the human and civil cost of the so-called downtown ordinances and "operation free iraq".

No war on poor

There is no war on the poor, this is a hateful fabrication by Robert Norse. You may disagree as I do with the camping ban ordinance, think it unjust and unfair, but that's a far cry from being a war on the poor. Neither is Emily a lackey of commerce, that's just plain silly and another fabrication by Robert Norse, because he didn't get his way. But since you you no doubt won't believe me, and aren't going to let her get away with it, just what is it that you are going to do about it?

Be PC and Kill a Baby

Hey - the city can pass a resolution to pull the troops out of Iraq today. But if we did that Saddam would immediately take revenge on those who opposed his regime. So your resolution would only cause needless death and suffering since the war is virtually over already. But what the heck, this is Santa Cruz so lets vote for something that sounds PC even if it is a vote for more death than the status quo.

make up your mind

It's a good thing other people don't think like you. What if China had decided to use its military to force regime change in Washington after the massacre in Waco, TX?

What if Russia had decided to force regime change in Washington after the massacre at Kent State?

You want to go free the Iraqi people? Fine, please, by all means get your ass over there and start fighting! Good luck to you.

But get your goddamn hand out of my wallet. You want a donation for your war? Fucking ask for it like an honest person, instead of using your armed tax collectors to take it from me.

Every hour of every week of every year I have to spend working to pay taxes for YOUR WAR, is an hour *I spend in slavery*. Sure it's far better conditions than black folk had a hundred years ago, but rest assured I have much MUCH better things to do with my time than working to feed your war machine.

And even if I were to spend that time vegetating and watching TV, you know what? This is supposed to be a free country where it's supposed to be my right to spend, invest, or WASTE my time and labor as I bloody well see fit.

America isnt being destroyed by terrorists. It's being destroyed by creeping despotism and their army of boot lickers, of which you are apparently a card-carrying member.



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