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Film: Occupation showing Friday 7PM at UCSC

Friday, April 11
7:00 PM

"The inspiring story of the Living Wage Campaign at Harvard should be told to the whole country, so it is a wonderful gift to have it on film, in a way that brings alive the remarkable solidarity of students, workers, and the community." --Howard Zinn
2002-2003 has been a big year for Labor on our campus. From the cross-union strikes by CUE and UC-AFT (the LARGEST in UCSC history) to the successful campagin to "Dump Sodexho" and make Food Service Workers union employees by SLS and AFSCME.

Come see a film about the exciting student-worker coalitions that have developed (and worked) on other campuses!

Friday APRIL 11th at 7pm in Oakes 105, Students for Labor Solidarity will be showing "OCCUPATION," the story of the successful Harvard Living Wage Campaign in which students occupied an administrative building for over a month.

Also there will be representatives from all the on-campus unions at UCSC with information about their current campaigns, come find out what's happening in our back yard, and get plugged in!

For more information please contact SLS at 429-8164 or
studentsforlaborsolidarity (at)

Please Spread the Word!

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