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Santa Cruz Program Increases Taggers Punishment

Santa Cruz Program Increases Taggers Punishment

Taggers Would Be Responsible For Cleaning Other Taggers Work

April 9, 2003

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.Graffiti vandals in Santa Cruz County may soon find themselves responsible for crimes they don’t commit.
The county district attorney wants to send taggers to jail for their own graffiti, and make them responsible for keeping entire neighborhoods graffiti-free.
One University of California, Santa Cruz student, who is an artist, admits that after he was caught tagging, he realized what he was doing was wrong. He volunteered to clean up other graffiti to make amends. Now the district attorney likes the idea for every convicted tagger.
Ian Mailhole spray painted his antiwar opinions, using stencils on public property, mostly power boxes, approximately 50 by his account, throughout the city and on the UC Santa Cruz campus.
After he got caught he volunteered to adopt a two-mile stretch of Soquel Avenue and keep it graffiti-free. That idea sits well with District Attorney Bob Lee.
“I think it’s very positive. We want everyone to take this step who is convicted of this charge. And we want kids to realize that if they continue this act, they’re going to be responsible for keeping this particular area of the community graffiti-free,” Lee said.
Mailehole is working through the “graffiti-free” Santa Cruz program. Officials are so impressed with his work, they say they may have him paint a mural downtown.
Mailholes’ legal problems aren’t over though. He’s scheduled back in court at the end of the month, where it is expected the district attorney will ask that he spend a year painting over graffiti in the city.

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