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Santa Cruz Car Dealership Spray Painted With Antiwar Graffiti

Santa Cruz Car Dealership Spray Painted With Antiwar Graffiti

45 Vehicles Covered In Slogans

April 9, 2003

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Authorities say protestors spray painted antiwar messages Wednesday at a Santa Cruz car dealership.
Employees at the North Bay Ford dealership say they came to work Wednesday morning and found 45 vehicles covered with slogans like no war! and no blood for SUVs.
I think it was a chicken act. Saddam acts like a chicken, and now these people come and are doing this to innocent people. It affects us. I feel like crying this morning, dealership employee Ingrid Stevison said.
Two privately owned sport utility vehicles were also tagged. Both were brought in to have the antiwar graffiti removed.

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Sad but true..

I do not condone vandalism, but can't help not to smirk at the ignorant statement from the North Bay Ford employee. To compare this act of vandalism to Saddam is quite humorous.
I feel sorry for the insurance company that will have to pay the claims to repaint the vehicles that were tagged, NOT!


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