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Santa Cruz Civilian Weapons Inspection Team Refused Entry to Lockheed Martin

On Friday, April 11, about sixty members of the Santa Cruz Citizen Weapons Inspections Team visited the Lockheed Martin facility at the top of Empire Grade in Bonny Doon. The goal of the team was to ascertain to what extent that facility is developing weapons of mass destruction.
On Friday, April 11, about sixty members of the Santa Cruz Citizen Weapons Inspections Team visited the Lockheed Martin facility at the top of Empire Grade in Bonny Doon. The goal of the team was to ascertain to what extent that facility is developing weapons of mass destruction.

The day started with a press conference at the in downtown Santa Cruz. According to the Arms Trade Resource Center, Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest weapons maker, and the corporation received over $30 billion in federal contracts in fiscal year 2000 – 2001 alone.

“We intend to hold the United States Government responsible to the same standards for the development, proliferation, and use of weapons of mass destruction to which it holds other sovereign nations,” said Sue Colley. “It is irresponsible for us not to request full disclosure of weapons development and testing taking place at the Bonny Doon facility.”

According to “unofficial sources,” the Bonny Doon facility tests and produces non-nuclear components of the Trident II D-5 missile, a first strike nuclear missile with several times the power of the Hiroshima bomb. “We want to find out if our local facility participates in the production of this weapon of mass destruction,” said Ms. Colley.

“We want to make the connection between war and the corporate domination of politics,” added Sharon Delgado. The Bush administration has eight policy makers with direct or indirect ties to Lockheed Martin. Lynn Cheney, the wife of the vice president, was a corporate board member from 1994 to 2001, where she received $500,000 a year in fees.

The team drove up Empire Grade to the Lockheed Martin facility, but was forced to park about a half-mile from the entrance gate by county sheriff deputies. The more than sixty inspectors, many of them wearing white hazardous waste suits and masks, marched the rest of the way, holding peace flags and signs that said “WMD? NIMBY” and “Your weapons don’t keep us safe.”

Upon reaching the gate, the team announced that they would begin the inspection, and they requested admittance to the site. Facility Operations Manager Pete Olinger responded, “Sorry, we cannot let you in. We recognize your right to protest, but we also hope you respect our employees' rights and our property. If you have any additional comments, please contact Jeff Richmond at the Public Relations Department.”

The team asked a series of questions, but Mr. Olinger, like a corporate robot, refused to answer and only repeated his statement. Even when spokeswoman Lynda Marin said, “We contacted Jeff Richmond, and he told us to direct our questions to the Bonny Doon facility. Who at Bonny Doon can answer these questions?” Mr Olinger still referred the inspectors back to Richmond.

The inspection team then requested that a letter be delivered to Byron Ravenscraft, a Senior Manager at the Bonny Doon facility. In this letter, the team asked for answers to the following:
What subsystems and components are being developed and/or tested there? What are they being used for?
Is it true that Lockheed Martin Bonny Doon produces and tests the ordnance for the Trident D-5 Nuclear Missiles?
Is there a Navy Building inside the property at Lockheed Martin Bonny Doon? If so, what is it being used for and what county ordinances is it exempt from?
What other buildings and facilities are on the Bonny Doon site? What are they used for? What is their status in relation to county use permits and ordinances?
If citizens of Santa Cruz were to extend the nuclear free zone to the county, would Lockheed Martin be able to continue current operations in light of regular inspections?

Since they failed to gain entrance to the facility, the weapons inspectors made findings that the facility provided insufficient information, failed to comply, and that the inspections were incomplete. They left a sign stating “Weapons Inspection, Non-compliance” on the gate. However, they vowed that this was not the end of their activities.

“At this point we have decided not to go in without permission,” said Eva Brumner. “But we do intend to inspect this site and may go in (illegally) at some later time.”

As Sharon Delgado put it, “It is a form of penance to resist war and a form of sacrament to perform civil disobedience.”

Members of the public who would like further information concerning Lockheed Martins’ development of weapons of mass destruction can contact Jeff Richmond with the Public Relations Department at (408) 742-6688. The Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team can be reached at sccwit (at) or at (831) 423-1626 ext. 302.


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Press Conference

Press Conference

marching up the hill

marching up the hill

Your Weapons Don't Keep Us Safe

Your Weapons Don't Keep Us Safe

Civilian Weapons Inspection Team

Civilian Weapons Inspection Team

Photography Prohibited By Federal Law

Photography Prohibited By Federal Law



Valid Questions

In light that the U. S. demands that the world rid itself of weapons of mass destrution, it only seems reasonable that Lockheed Martin disclose their weapons of mass destruction. What a hipacrite Martin is!
Keep up the excellent work, and hold them accountable along with their contracts with the government. This company is making our world more dangerous.

Lana Noland

Great idea!

Excellent.. Guerrilla theatre and direct confrontation of hypocracy and arrogance. And for the record Depleted uranium IS a WMD and was, of course, used in BOTH gulf wars.

The USA is the biggest Country with WMD.

We intend to hold the United States Government responsible to the same standards for the development, proliferation, and use of weapons of mass destruction to which it holds o
ther sovereign nations.

Und Bush is the biggest Terrorist.

The Magnitude of the Deception

I have been working for some time on a book about the politics of extraterrestrials. From what I can deduce about reports of their activities, they have interjected themselves into our world for one reason only, and that reason is to awaken our minds to the threat that this planet is facing from these illegal and criminal weapons of mass destruction.

wrong target

I hate to say this, but you are looking at the wrong thing, consentrate on the constitution. with the right number in the senate and a president like the former president Clinton I can repeal the entire constituion while you and other consentrate on weapons you lose the constitution then what would you have.


Civilian Inspections team??? You actually thought you were going to be able to stick your little noses through there? Give me a break......

Stop The Warmakers: Direct Action at Lockheed

STOP THE WARMAKERS! Mass Demonstration and Non-Violent Direct Action at LOCKHEED MARTIN: Sunnyvale Tuesday April 22nd

Lockheed Martin is the World's Largest Weapons Manufacturer. They use OUR tax dollars to create the weapons of mass violence that killed nearly two thousand Iraqi Civilians earlier this month.


Come to the orientation the night before and stay in the Southbay (accommodations will be provided), or arrive the morning of the action, From San Francisco, take Caltrain to Mountain View, transfer to the VTA Lightrail system, and get off at the "Lockheed" station. Bikes are allowed, it's a 75 minute trip, and orienters will be waiting for you. Please plan to arrive by 6am, though actions will continue throughout the day.


If the government will not halt its dangerous & irresponsible policy of pre-emptive invasions, we will stop the businesses that profit from warmaking. We will use NON-VIOLENT DIRECT ACTION to shut down corporations whose executives line their pockets by exporting death & destruction worldwide.

We will apply strong political pressure on government officials to STOP UNPROVOKED INVASIONS.

Make plans to get to the orientation locations listed below
either the night before or the day of the action.


FORM AN AFFINITY GROUP NOW Get a group of 5 to 25 people together now to plan for the action. Make plans to get to the orientation location on the day of. Send someone from your group to the spokes-council meetings.

CHOOSE FROM THE ACTION MENU Three separate actions are recommended for that day. Decide which one you want to be a part of and prepare for that.

1. Mass Die-in: Represent those killed in Iraq by laying in the street dressed as a victim of war

2. Civilian Weapons Inspectors are needed to "inspect" at one of the entrance to Lockheed Martin Facilities. Come prepared to investigate!

3. Form a human blockade to shut down the war profiteers and disrupt business. Bring music and be ready to celebrate life.


This action is being planned by a de-centralized spokes council. No one person is in charge of planning the action, so everyone can speak up. Come have your group's voice heard by being a spokesperson for your affinity group. The next spokescouncil meeting will be Sunday April 20th at 4 p.m. in San Francisco. (The location has not yet been confirmed.) For more information contact thinking_peace (at) Also check the SouthBay Mobilization website. If you would like to receive email update on this action from the SouthBay or on major changes to this webpage, please fill out this form.

No mass destruction

Due to the high moisture in the air all the mass destuction parts were moved to Gilroy.

Santac Cruz is safe from weapons.
I think there on Duane steet now.


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