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Come all Bikers and petroleum-free Riders! CRITICAL MASS IN THE STREETS OF S.C. Meet at the Clocktower at 5 P.M. on Friday, April 25! Let's dance the Bicyle Fandango on the artificially preserved graves of this culture, this civilization, this pathos! May the Bikes rule the streets- NO More Cars!
It has been far to long since we in Santa Cruz have have shown those with whom we share this place, that a culture that continues to hold Capitol as God, that exploits fossil fuels in spite of the clear connection with ecological collapse, is a culture of pathology. We oppose this not with speeches from ivory towers in the theoretical sky, but Direct Actions of Non-Compliance. A "Critical Mass" bicycle ride is one simple, joyful act of resistance that, if only for a short time, STOPS TRAFFIC, and creates a reality that makes it uncomfortable for those who exist ASLEEP or HYPMOTIZED to continue without harrie or delay. This act also exists as an example of reclaiming space, showing the possibilty of communities and collectives to take control of areas that lie dormant, exist soley for profit, or are otherwise strongholds or symbols of the banal and lifeless culture that surrounds us. COME! LET'S TAKE THE STREETS ON THE 25TH OF APRIL!SCREW IT!

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Critical Mass in Santa Cruz on May 5, 2001.

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Re: CRITICAL MASS SANTA CRUZ!!! Friday, April 25

Oh shit! It is 4:51pm and it is pouring rain!

I wonder if the Santa Cruz critical massers are going to ride in the rain.

I sure hope so!

Well, time to head over to the clock tower.


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