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Crude Wars


Crude Wars, a live interactive TV talk show
on Oil and US Foreign Policy
Monday evening 6-7:30PM April 21st
Live TV broadcast streaming at

[CONTACT: Caitlin Manning: 831-582-4512, California State University, Monterey Bay]
Media Advisory for Release on April 17, 2003
Contact: Caitlin Manning: 831-582-4512 or 415-641-5529; or Kris Guard 925-383-7936

A unique TV Program entitled


What: Students and faculty at California State University, Monterey Bay have produced an interactive TV program that explores the effects of oil dependency on United States’ foreign policy and the global community. This unique program makes the case that there are practical alternatives to this dependency that will reduce the US’ reliance on global oil supplies, increase the country’s national security and promote a more peaceful world order. The program includes a special panel of experts on this subject, film clips, on-the-street interviews, and interaction between the panel members and a live studio audience.

Where: (1) Live at the Institute of Teledramatic Arts and Technology TV Studio in Bldg 27, on 6th Avenue, at California State University, Monterey Bay, Seaside, California; (2) on the World Wide Web as a streaming video broadcast at: and; (3) live on Channel 70 on Fort Ord Cable; Channel 50 on the CSUMB campus; and at the CSUMB Student Center on TAT TV; (4) rebroadcast on KMST Community TV; and (5) for redistribution free to cable community access programs and via satellite.

When: Live on Monday, April 21 at 6-7:30 pm at the CSUMB campus TAT TV studio in Bldg 27; on Channels 50, 70 and TAT TV; Rebroadcast on KMST Community TV on Tuesday, May 6th at 7pm, Tuesday May 27th at 7pm, and Saturday June 14th at 7pm; and continuously available as streaming video starting April 21 at 6pm on the WWW at and

Who: Produced by students and faculty in four different degree programs at CSUMB, this unique program includes the following panel of experts: Michael Renner, Senior Research Specialist at the World Watch Institute in Washington, D.C.; Dr. Alexandra von Meier, Director of the Environmental Technology Center; and Gopal Dayaneni of Oilwatch International who has worked in Nigeria, Ecuador, Indonesia, Peru, and North America on oil, human rights and social justice issues.

Why: CRUDE WARS is aimed at informing people and increasing public awareness about the true costs of oil dependency and the feasibility of alternative technologies. The program makes the case that citizens should demand that government and industry adopt these alternatives to bring about a healthier, more secure and peaceful global community. Educators in Social Studies, Political Science, Media Studies, Global Studies, Civil Rights, Civics, International Relations, Law, Ethnics and Journalism can use this program for instructional purposes in high schools, community colleges and universities.

Media Visuals at and

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