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Pretty Words, Ugly Actions: Dump Recycled Politicians!

The city of Santa Cruz held a Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Sam Farr about a possible U.S. attack of Iraq. Robert Norse, an organizer with Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom delievered a potent speech, "Ending Two Wars," addressing war abroad while drawing connections to local injustice. "We need to get to the real issues that this War is stealing from us: Housing, Health Care, Civil Rights for the Poor, Ending Judicial & Police Corruption, Restoring Decent Wages, Stopping Corporate Power & the UC octopus. We need to declare Santa Cruz and this entire 17th Congressional District a sanctuary for those who resist the war. We, the community, can do this. We need to stay out on the streets continuously until these issues are addressed." Listen to Sam Farr's speech, a soundbite collage, and constituent reactions from the Town Hall Meeting.

[ Norse: Ending Two Wars | Challenging Sam Farr's Seat ]

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