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24hr Vigil Against Two Wars Enters Fourth Day

Vigil Round-the-Clock at Cooper and Pacifc Against Aggression Abroad & Repression at Home. Stop The War Against the Poor in Santa Cruz!

Others are invited to bring down supplies, including tables, tarps (for inclement weather or possibly another "Sex for Peace Event"), vehicles (to move onto or into if police begin harassing tablers), musical instruments, colorful outfits, blankets, clothing, markers, cameras, camcorders (video clip from Sunday), instructional materials, puppets, chalk, ....and spread the word!

Call 423-4833 to Help. Every Day, Every Night Until We Stop the War ANYTIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT Keep the Vigil Going; Resistance Begins At Home!

[ Report on Day 4 | Report on Day 3 | Report on Days 2 and 1 ]

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