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Converge on Vandenberg Air Force Base

If the government launches a new attack on Iraq, concerned people will converge on Vandenberg Air Force Base for a nonviolent security zone occupation to challenge, confront, and disrupt its global surveillance, weapons targeting and guidance satellite launch complex (also used to guide nuclear missiles and Star Wars weapons).

EMERGENCY RESPONSE ACTION starting the weekend after the new attack on Iraq begins, people are asked to gather at the Vandenberg action peace camp/base camp land (contact Vandenberg Action Coalition for directions).

In addition to the Emergency Response Action, there will also be a rally on Armed Forces Day, May 17, 2003 with Medea Benjamin, Roy Bourgeois, Kathy Kelly, Tensie Hernandez (Guadalupe Catholic Worker), Bud Boothe (Los Olivos resident), Guari Delgado (builder and poet), and more fabulous people, along with nonviolent backcountry action May 17 through May 24.

The Vandenberg 2002/2003 actions and resistance campaign is endorsed by Voices in the Wilderness, Global Exchange, School of the Americas Watch, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, Tri Valley Cares, Salinas Action League (831-754-5554) and others. These upcoming actions at Vandenberg have been reported in other media outlets, such as a March 9th article in the Santa Barbara News Press and a March 10th article Armed Forces Day protest set, in the Santa Maria Times.

[ Article on Upcoming Actions | Military Globalization Project | Previous Actions Repoted in GroundWork News ]

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