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24hr Vigil Against Two Wars is Under Attack!

The 24-hour ongoing vigil against two wars has been moved twice by Santa Cruz police within the last twelve hours. It is currently at Jamba Juice (1550 Pacific Ave) near the downtown post office. This is the first time that the new "Move Along Law" has been used in Santa Cruz against political tablers.

In another attack on our peaceful vigil, the owner of Lulu Carpenter's downtown assaulted several vigilers who had gone there for breakfast. The man, who we believe was named Manfree, threw plastic cups at one of our vigilers and then continued to tell them that they had to leave and could not have breakfast there because he did not welcome "their kind" in his coffee shop.

After the vigilers left, he came out to the vigil where they had constructed a sign describing their experience at the coffee shop and threw a cup of hot coffee at another vigiler. Because of this horrifying attack on our movement, we are also asking people to boycott Lulu Carpenter's coffee shop and call (see article for suggested phone calls) to express your concern about this incident.

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