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Informational Picket Against War Toys in Easter Baskets

Protests are intensifying over the arrival of heavily armed soldiers at Kmarts, Walmarts, and Rite Aids around the country. The soldiers are not guarding the retail giants from attack. They are toy soldiers armed with assault rifles and machine guns, and they have replaced the traditional front-and-center chocolate bunny in children's Easter baskets. Whether the Christian holiday or the pre-Christian Ostara is your style, Easter is a holiday about life, birth, rebirth, joy, and above all peace.

Join Santa Cruz County Friends of Chocolate Bunnies Sunday at 3:00pm, outside the Kmart on 41st avenue in Capitola, just east of Highway 1. Bring your bunny ears, non-violent spirits, and creative signs!

[ Announcement for Capitola Demo | Report on Informational Picket | Photos from Demo ]

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