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Progressive Voices on KSCO (10.80am)

Tune in to KSCO at around 12:15 to hear a discussion on the coming war in Iraq. You will hear an update from Boulder Creek resident, Wade Hudson, who arrived in Baghdad, Iraq this week as a member of the Iraq Peace Team. Joining the V-Man (from Free Radio Santa Cruz) on the phone will be Charlie Richardson of Military Families Speak Out. Also on the line will be Erik Gustafson, a Gulf War veteran and executive director of Education for Peace in Iraq Center. With the U.S. poised on the brink of another war with Iraq, it is critical that we hear from people like Wade, Charlie, and Erik.

Tune in to KSCO, this Monday, March 17 between 12:15 and 1:00pm. Call in with questions at 479-1080 or 477-1340. And please encourage the management at KSCO to EXPAND this type of programming!!!

[ Article | Audio - FRSC's Old Lady Scararms on KSCO | Audio - FRSC's V-Man Interviews Erik Gustafson ]

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