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Shut Down S.F., Rally in Santa Cruz, or Disrupt Vandenberg

Emergency actions are taking place at numerous locations on California's Central Coast. Actions and Rallys have been planned at Vandenberg Air Force Base, the Military Recruitment Center in Capitola, Clock Tower and County Buildings in Santa Cruz, several Candle Vigils in Monterey, and a HUGE action in San Francisco's Financial District.

The Vandenberg Action Coalition has called for an EMERGENCY CIVIL RESISTANCE MOBILIZATION starting March 21, 22, and 23 consisting of a backcountry action preparation/training, campfire spokescouncil/convergence, scouting, camp set up, and a backcountry security zone occupation at Vandenberg Air Force Base to disrupt the targeting, guidance, and command systems for the assault of Iraq.

These upcoming actions at Vandenberg have been reported in other media outlets, such as a March 9 article in the Santa Barbara News Press, a March 10 article, Armed Forces Day protest set, in the Santa Maria Times, and on March 15 an Associated Press article, Vandenberg Air Force Base authorizes `deadly force' against trespassing protesters, ran across the nation.

Some very interesting and informative audio recordings from an action at Vandenberg AFB on May 19, 2001 can be heard here: Action Report and Sound Collage.

If the United States invades Iraq, the Iraq Action Network of Santa Cruz recommends the following non-violent actions:

* 5:00pm, the day war begins, meet at the Santa Cruz Clock Tower (Pacific & Water Streets). * Bring noisemakers - pots and pans to bang, musical instruments to play and your voice to be heard!

* 7:00-7:05pm Moment of Silence and Lights Out for the victims of the U.S. oil war.

* 7:15pm Large Peace Rally at the Santa Cruz County Building (Ocean at Water St.)

For more information, please visit the Resource Center for Non-Violence's emergency 24hour "Convergence Center" located at 515 Broadway (at Ocean).

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