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Nonviolent Direct Action at Vandenberg AFB

* * * * Reports from Vandenberg! * * * *

LOMPOC, CA - As the increasingly bloody "shock and awe" assault on Iraq continues, with U.S. bombs raining down on civilian casualties from Central Baghdad to remote rural villages, acts of non-violent civil disobedience have been carried out by small groups of concerned people from throughout California. In coastal Santa Barbara county, action has been taken to non-violently breach the security and disrupt business as usual at a sprawling California Air Force Base. A critical electronic command post of the Iraq war, Vandenberg Air Force Base occupies sacred coastal land of the Indigenous Chumash people.

The highly classified strategic mission of the base means that the breaching of security perimeters by unauthorized people, specifically the unarmed nonviolent members of the Vandenberg Action Coalition, triggers disruptive alerts, partial lockdowns, and security responses that interfere with the smooth and full functioning of the strategic targeting/command facility.

Renewing their pledge to nonviolence the Vandenberg Action Coalition promises more to come. Organizers explain that they are willing to take legal and physical risk to "get in the way of the war machine that backed Saddam Hussein for years, imposes human rights atrocities through client regimes throughout the world, devastating the Iraqi people with infrastructure bombing and brutal sanctions in the 90’s, and is now raining fire and jagged steel on cities and villages."

As Iraqi, Palestinians, Columbians, and indigenous people around the world struggle against the space-age military technology of the U.S. war machine, activists here at home have placed their security at risk in a brave display of opposition to our government and solidarity with the victims of U.S. bombing.

[ Full Press Release I Reports from Vandenberg ]

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