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Students Rally Downtown for Day of Silence

On Wednesday, April 9, students from Santa Cruz High, Cabrillo College, and UC Santa Cruz participated in the National Day of Silence, a day of protest through the means of transforming silence as a tool of oppression into a tool of resistance. Participating students remained silent all day to demonstrate the effects of marginalized people's lack of representation and recognition in mainstream society. A silent march began at 4:30pm from the Diversity Center and ended at the Veterans' Memorial breaking the day-long silence with a rally.

In related news, students at UCSC have been holding a 24-hour peace camp and vigil on the Porter College lawn since Monday, April 7. Students have created an anti-war space for student activists to gather and discuss the strategic future of student activism at UCSC. The purpose of the peace camp is to protest the devastation of Iraqi civilian livelihood through the wars on Iraq and twelve years of economic sanctions.

[ Students Rally Downtown for Day of Silence I UCSC Students Camping for Peace ]

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