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45 Million Hectares of BC Forests to slaughter on April 30 ACT NOW

BC govt. puts $20 000 000 into advertising BC Forest products internationally. Next, BC Forests become total industry commodity. Public input by April 30th critical. Act now to help save 45 MILLION hectares of precious, irreplacable environment. Please take the time to comment!
April 22, 2003 -- On January 22, 2003, the provincial Liberals announced they were giving away 45 million hectares of public lands, half of the landmass of British Columbia, to private corporate interests. This initiative, called the “Working Forest”, is the most anti-environmental legislation in the history of British Columbia.

The BC Liberal government is only allowing a very short public consultation period (until April 30th, 2003) regarding the “Working Forest” legislation.

[ more information |>comment on the proposed legislation ]


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