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May 1 - Bookshop SC - Iraqi Humanitarian Aid Challenge

Bookshop Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, California recently issued a challenge to other Santa Cruz businesses to donate a percentage of their sales on Thursday, May 1, to Iraqi humanitarian relief efforts.

Bookseller Neal Coonerty, owner of Bookshop Santa Cruz, is launching this Santa Cruz initiative to assert the traditional American values of compassion and generosity in the wake of the devastation and social disruption now widespread in Iraq.

Bookshop Santa Cruz plans to donate 20% of all its book sales from sales on Thursday, May 1st to Oxfam, an international relief agency with a program already operating in Iraq. Oxfam and the International Red Cross already have staff in
the Middle East. "It is important," said Coonerty, "to support these organizations that will turn our donation into food, water, and medicine as soon as possible and get it to
the people who need it."

Coonerty credits a Montana bookseller, Russ Lawrence, co-owner of Chapter One Book Store in Hamilton, Montana for coming up with the idea of this humanitarian effort.Lawrence explains "The thousands of Iraqis who are suffering from lack of food, water, and shelter need to know that Americans care about their plight. Our involvement
can't end with a military victory. We need to help them rebuild their lives.

"Russ issued a challenge to independent bookstores and all businesses to participate in this effort," said Coonerty, "Bookshop Santa Cruz thinks this is a great idea and we hope other Santa Cruz businesses will join us in this effort.

Any Santa Cruz businesses that want to join in this humanitarian effort can call Kelsey Ramage at Bookshop Santa Cruz [460-3223] for more information.


Kelsey Ramage
Events Coordinator
Bookshop Santa Cruz
1520 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, Ca 95060
events office 831 460 3223
kelsey (at)

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