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Documentary on Oct '02 Strike at UCSC

May Day Labor Film Festival
CUE Night!

Tuesday, April 29, 7PM
Community Television Studio
816 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz
One block south from the Metro Center)
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May Day Labor Film Festival
CUE Night!

Celebrating clerical workers’ organizing, highlighting the Coalition of University Employees, Local #10 at UCSC

THIS Tuesday, April 29, 7pm Community Television Studio 816 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz
(One block south from the Metro Center)

On Strike for Respect:
UC Clericals and Lecturers’ Strike of 2002

(Producer: Regan Brashear, 2003, 30 min.)

Live footage from the historic statewide strike protesting the abundance of unfair labor practices by the University of California. This fast-paced film focuses on the strike at the UCSC campus, highlighting the tremendous solidarity that emerged between campus and local unions, students, and community members here in Santa Cruz and throughout the Monterey Bay Area.


Nine to Five

(Director: Colin Higgins, 1980, 110 min.)

Jane Fonda, Dolly Pardon, and Lily Tomlin, three overworked and underpaid secretaries, organize
to confront their chauvinistic boss, Dabney Coleman, in this comedic salute to all “pink collar” workers.

Speakers: Cathy Deppe, Organizer, 9 to 5 National Association of Working Women; Lisa Gustafson, President of the Coalition of University Employees (CUE) Local 10; Julie Jacobs, CUE Local 10 Steering Committee Member, CUE Local 10; Becky Klein, CUE Local 10 Secretary; Pat True, CUE Local 10 Treasurer

This event is free, snacks will be provided and donations will be graciously accepted.
For a complete listing of the festival go to:

For more information on CUE Night please call #420-0258, or email organizer (at)

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