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Stop the FCC

Most Americans know nothing about the upcoming FCC decision on media ownership rules. Mainstream media is not covering this issue. This month we are going to try to help raise awareness of this issue.

The network news organizations need to end the censorship of this issue.

FCC chairman Powell wouldn't have a problem with Clear Channel owning your radio and television stations.

We feel that the network news is biased and censored enough. We need more diversity of ownership not less.

We are putting all those that profit from access to the public airwaves on notice that we won't tolerate biased and censored news any longer. Our politicians may be able to ignore those who opposed this war but corporations cannot.

Rather than wait and see how the FCC panel that is comprised of three Republicans and two Democrats votes on the issue, we want to notify corporate America that we will boycott the advertisers that sponsor the network news. Even if you do not watch
television you are an owner of the public airwaves. You still have a voice as a consumer. Give advertisers an economic reason to reconsider the benefits of more mergers.

We are going to notify advertising agencies that their clients face product and brand boycotts unless the
content of the news changes. The first agency will be JWT. JWT is part of WPP Group the largest advertising agency in
the world.

This idea is evolving, but the FCC decision is in June. Help draw attention to this issue and then help us polish
the message. Time is short. Brief details of the what JWT can expect
can be found here.

If you've heard enough to act -- Send a note to the following emails and tell them to start using their influence to end bias
and censorship on the network newscasts. And encourage them notify the rest of WPP Group that anyone who profits from access
to the public airwaves is responsible for the content of the network newscasts.

  • bob.jeffrey (at) (at)">Bob Jeffrey President JWT North America

  • william.charnock (at) (at)">William Charnock Senior Partner Global Planning Director

  • samantha.digennaro (at) (at)">Samantha DiGennaro Senior Partner Director of Communications

  • Go to for more details. We will keep trying until we get it right. Please participate in our Work In Action.

    Ghandi -Become the change you want to see in the world.-

    Thank you.

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