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A Letter to Peace-Lovers

Through this paradigm, we will all be geared, though slowly yet surely, towards eternal peace and stronger human unity.
A Letter to Peace-Lovers

Indonesia, May, 2003

Dear fellow peace-lovers,

In my endeavor to explore every niche where I hoped to find opportunities that would contribute to the establishment of peace on earth, I came across what seems to be ‚Äúvery possible‚Ä? for this cause. This, however, being very subjective in nature, I am therefore sending you this letter, hoping that you would be in a position to provide me with your judgment on what I have to offer below.

The article being presented here is entitled ‚ÄúThe Deceptive Memory,‚Ä? which attempts to elaborate the fatal errors that man has made in his assumptions about ‚Äútime.‚Ä? These are errors that have occurred only because man has memory. We have all this time been deceived by our memory of the past conditions, which are stored in our brains as impressions, to the extent we tend to assume that the past and the future do exist, though in fact what we are undergoing is a mere change of condition. Indeed, quite a number of scientists have tried to expose the issue, but all these exposures of theirs have hardly been able to surface convincingly, only because they are found to be incompatible with the beliefs held by religious adherents in general. Here, however, the writer is trying to present the issue not only in a format that is typically his but also from a different perspective, all of which are geared towards peace and unity among the humankind.

The acceptance of this concept as a new paradigm, it is believed, would augment our ability to resolve the various human conflicts concerning a number of things. This is the only ‚Äúvery rare‚Ä? opportunity that we should immediately take into consideration in coping with man‚Äôs strong lust for the possession of more horrifying weapons of mass destruction. Through this paradigm, we will all be geared, though slowly yet surely, towards eternal peace and stronger human unity. Accordingly, we would also be led towards worshipping the one and only God.

This is a philanthropic and non-profit article. Should you find it to be an article of worth, would you be so kind as to help seek ways by which it could also beneficial to the whole human race. Certainly, it is my hope that you will be able to have it published in your printed media, if you have one. This article is also to be found in my website:

Sincerely yours,
Reinarto Hadipriono
Reinarto (at)
Address: Jl. Lemahwungkuk 37, Cirebon - Indonesia
Telpon 62 231 206980, Fax 62 231 207569

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