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New website for the Sacramento mobilizations
by mwah-hah-ha Tuesday May 13, 2003 at 12:32 PM
info (at)

The new website for the Sacramento mobilization is up and running. Look for it to be updated soon with all the information you'll need for the various mobilizations. Come to Sacramento to help inaugurate the next round of resistance to globalization and genetic engineering in North America. Say no to the WTO!!!


Want to resist the WTO, US Empire and Corporate Globalization? Fed up with genetically engineered trees, food, fish, future? Believe that access to healthy food and clean water is a fundamental human right?

Everything is possible!


This June the Bush administration, USAID, USDA, and the State Department are hosting government ministers from 180 nations and transnational corporate reps in a meeting to pave the way for ‘free trade’, privatization of water, and factory farming: agribusiness that drives family farmers off the land, hijacks the global food supply and starves the poor. Stand in solidarity with people’s movements and peasant farmers around the world to protest and disrupt this meeting. Free trade agreements such as the CAFTA and FTAA are most vulnerable on issues of agriculture - the global negotiations on these issues are crumbling and the WTO dispute over biotech is brewing. The Bush Administration wants to ensure agribusiness as usual.

Their agenda? Biotech foods, animals and forests…food irradiation…terminator seeds…’free trade’ for corporate crooks…pesticides and patents on life…biopiracy…widening the gap between the rich and poor...privatization of water, indigenous wisdom, seeds, biodiversity, and the genetic building blocks of life itself…

Our response? A festival of diverse resistance to big biotech, bioimperialism, the Bush Administration and ‘free trade’. Non-violent direct action, marches, rally, teach-in, alternative expo and more to confront the corporate agenda of ‘free trade’ and war on the earth! Demand food sovereignty, safe food and farmers’ rights!

JOIN USin the streets of Sacramento for a five-day convergence of action and education! We will join the world in saying no more hunger, no more genetic engineering, no patents on life and no WTO!

Plug IN to the convergence…

htttp:// phone no. 916-497-1111 info (at)

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