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CJTC events May 21-May 28

quick snapshot:
Wednesday, May 21: "The Campus Files: Reagan, Hoover and the UC Red Scare" with Seth Rosenfeld at 7:30pm University Town Center

Thursday, May 22: Richard Falk Lecture on "Palestine and Iraq: A New Century of Imperialism in the Middle East" at UCSC, 7pm

Friday May 23 and Saturday, May 24: The Critical Resistance Film Festival at Pacific Cultural Center and UCSC

Wednesday, May 28, Part 4 of a Film Series onWorld Conflicts and Peacemaking"Long Nights Journey into Day" at UCSC, 7pm
Wednesday, March 2l, University Town Center (at Cathcart and Pacific, Downtown Santa Cruz), 7:30pm
Award-winning San Francisco Chronicle staff writer Seth Rosenfeld will be speaking on his expose of unlawful FBI activities on
"The Campus Files--Reagan, Hoover and the UC Red Scare" was the title of his special four-page section of the Chronicle. It reports his study of 200,000 pages of secret FBI documents, revealing that the FBI:
conspired with the head of the CIA and a senior member of the Board of Regents to pressure the Board to "harass" faculty and students involved in protests
campaigned to destroy the career of President Clark Kerr
mounted a covert public relations campaign to manipulate public pinion about campus events and to embarrass University officials
It took Rosenfeld and the Chronicle 21 years and three lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act to get access to the FBI documents. The meeting is sponsored by the Santa Cruz chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Justice, Tolerance and Community at UCSC. For more information, please email: dhunter (at)

Thursday, May 22, 7pm at College 10 Lounge, UCSC
Palestine and Iraq: A New Century of Imperialism in the Middle East
The Resource Center for Nonviolence and Al-Takatif present a Lecture by: Professor Richard Falk, Professor of International Law, Princeton University. Falk has served on the UN Human Rights Commission to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and has taken part in various UN sponsored conferences on the situation in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. He has also published numerous articles and essays on the War on Afghanistan, the Invasion of Iraq, and the implications of these events for the international system. Sponsored by: The Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, CGIRS, CJTC, the Departments of Community Studies, Politics, Sociology, and Colleges Nine and Tem, and Stevenson and Merrill Colleges. For more info, call SOAR at 459-1626 (x 301)

Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex
Friday May 23, 2003 at the Pacific Cultural Center (1307 Seabright @ Broadway, Santa Cruz) and Saturday at Kresge Town Hall, UCSC

7pm PANEL- Making the Connections: National Crisis and Resistance Through Local Organizing. Moderated by Michelle Erai from INCITE! Women of Color against Violence.

The residents of Bayview Virginia, a small, poor rural Black community, waged a successful struggle to defeat the state's plans to build a prison in their backyard. With leadership from women in the community they grew motivated to pursue a new vision of prosperity, and created the Bayview Citizens for Social Justice non-profit organization, secured $7 million, purchased the prison site land and are building a new community from the ground up.

David Gilbert is among the longest held anti-Imperialist political! prisoners in the world. In 1981 he was arrested and convicted of conspiracy for
his participation in a Brinks truck hold-up aiming to raise funds for the Black Liberation Army. David is serving 75 years to life without the possibility of parole. In prison for more than 20 years, David has continued his work for social justice.

930pm DEAR JUDGE (2001, U.S. 27 min.)
How do two teenage siblings and their 26-year-old sister/legal guardian cope with their mother's imprisonment in a federal prison? When shooting began on this film, Dorothy Gaines had served six years of a twenty-year sentence handed down for a minor drug offense. Unexpectedly, she received a presidential commutation of her sentence before filming was completed, and the filmmaker was able to shoot the family's reunification.

10pm With Liberty and Justice For All(Cabin Creek Films, 1997, 18 minutes)
This short film tells the story of two men who were criminalized and detained under 1996 immigration law.

Saturday May 24th
Kresge Town Hall, Kresge College, UCSC
Hosted by: Barrios Unidos
7pm Median Strip(2001, U.S., 5 min.) This experimental short compares the build up of the prison industrial complex with the landscape of this nation's highways and byways.

705pm The Beat Within*(Richard Saiz, 1998) Showcasing the voices of young writers who have discovered the power of the pen, this video describes the Beat Within writing program offered in 13 Bay Area detention facilities.

740pm A Century of Genocide in the Americas: The Residential School Experience (Rosemary Gibbons, 2002. Produced by Native Voices)
The Residential School Experience is about how Indian Residential Schools became a haven for institutionalized sexual abuse. The inspiration for the film comes from the First Nations survivors who have taken legal action against the institutions that perpetuated this d! estructive cycle.This video takes a historical look at how the systematic removal of First Nations children from their families and community not only made the them easy targets for pedophiles but also how these vile acts turned many of the victims into predators.

8pm PANEL- Local Organizing: Celebrating Culture as a form of Resistance. Moderated by Roberto I. dela Rosa, Director/Media Educator of Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos.

9pm Iron Lodge (Ismana Carmey, 2003. 54min.) Native American Men celebrating spritual heritage behind the walls of Solano Prison in California.

Sponsored by: Kresge Multicultural Committee, Community Studies, Women's Studies, The Women's Center, Oakes College, Oakes Provost, Center for Justice, Tolerance and Community, Cowell College, Kresge College, and Crown College. For more information about this event or for disability/childcare related needs call 831-425-2420.

Wednesday, May 28, Classroom Unit 2, UCSC, 7pm
The Global Information Internship Program and RASCALS Present:
A Film Series on World Conflicts and Peacemaking
The South African Conflict: "Long Nights Journey into Day"

Long Night’s Journey into Day reveals a South Africa trying to forge a lasting peace after 40 years of government by the most notorious system of racial segregation since Nazi Germany. The documentary studies South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), set up by the post-apartheid, democratic government to consider amnesty for perpetrators of crimes committed under apartheid's reign. WITH A PRESENTATION BY PROFESSOR BOB MEISTER
For Further Information, Please Contact Sarah at urbanmermaid (at)

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