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Congressman Kucinich to Speak at the Civic on Sunday

This Memorial Day Weekend on Sunday, May 25, there is an important event
happening at the Santa Cruz Civic Center Auditorium. The event is part
of a series called Imagine America and will feature a presentation and
public dialogue with three prominent national figures: US Congressman
Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), and authors John Robbins and Marianne Williamson.

Of particular note is the participation of Representative Kucinich, who
is Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus√?the largest of the Congressional
Caucuses√?and the ranking member of the House Government Reform
Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats and International
Relations. In addition, he is a candidate for the Democratic
Presidential Nomination.
Sunday, May 25, 2003, 7 - 9 PM
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium

Experience three of the nation1s most visionary leaders as they inspire
us to imagine √? and to create √? a new United States of America that
works for ALL people. This Town Hall meeting will feature:

Democratic Congressman, Co-chair of the Progressive Caucus in the house,
and one of the leading voices for peace in American public life. As an
outspoken opponent of the war against Iraq, he has been catapulted onto
the national stage, and has consistently shown the courage to question
current policies of expanding war and limiting personal freedoms.

Author of the international bestseller, "Diet for a New America" and
"The Food Revolution," Robbins is widely considered to be one of the
most eloquent and powerful spokespersons today for a healthy way of
living, and a compassionate and sustainable world.< BR>
Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer.
She has published eight books, including "A Return to Love" and "Healing
the Soul of America." She also co-founded the Global Renaissance
Alliance (GRA), a worldwide network of peace activists.

Tickets- $10, $20 and $30 (plus service charges) available at

The Civic Box office (831) 420-5260
Ticketmaster (408) 998-8497

For more information contact info (at) or (831) 465-1092.

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Re: Congressman Kucinich to Speak at the Civic on Sunday

They will take questions at the end, if there is time. Questions will be limited to 30 seconds, that's something like 100 words depending on your tongue facility.

Re: Congressman Kucinich to Speak at the Civic on Sunday

The Civic was sold out, so my friend and I missed the event.

How was it?

Re: Congressman Kucinich to Speak at the Civic on Sunday

Inspiring, motivating, a call for the courage to act. Neighborly, fear abating, delineating the causes of violence including our own dietary habits. 60's retro, vanquished communal hippie dreams, sober look at how our drug-dazed young minds let those assasinations scare us away from politics.

Yeah, it was packed full of old farts, many who've been hiding in the woods around Boulder Creek seemingly showed up just to prove that while cynicism and apathy have been running rampant those attitudes haven't been altogether victorious.

Personally, I got a lift in spirit when Marianne Williamson came in; she told me that she had given money to For me, impeachment is the most important issue of our time. If we fail to demand impeachment now, our message is one of acceptance and approval of this administrations crimes. The future will pay for our silence.

I felt a little sorry for Dennis Kucinich, he had two really hard acts to follow. Politicians have a whale of a time speaking after two inspiring visionaries such as Williamson and Robinson, but I liked his Dept. Of Peace ideas and the way he showed how domestic violence reverberates throughout society.


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