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Join the New Education and Mobilization List-Serve for Santa Cruz 2 Sacramento!

Join a new list-serve to help educate and organize for the mobilization from Santa Cruz to Sacramento!
Join the New Education and Mobilization List-Serve for SC 2 Sacramento!
Please join a new list-serve to help educate and organize for a Santa Cruz to Sacramento mobilization.

To join the list-serve, please click here:

Rebecca has announced that there will be a mass bike ride to Sacramento! leaving from Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

I would like to help organize teach-ins and film screenings. Time is of the essence here!

Please join the Santa Cruz 2 Sacramento list-serve and let people know what is happening in Sacramento and what they can do about it!

Get Creative!


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Here is some information about the Sacramento meeting:

Between June 23-25, 2003, the USDA, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the State Department will host a conference on Agricultural Science and Technology in Sacramento. For developing countries, this means biotechnology. Three ministers from every developing country (except Cuba, and those countries astride the so-called 'axis of evil') will be invited. Add on a press corps in the hundreds, and it's clear that, internationally at least, this is something of a big deal. Here are some reasons to mobilize against it.

Full explanations on "Why We Should Mobilize" can be found here: The Sacramento Biotech Ministerial: An Introduction

by Food First / Institute for Food and Development Policy

It's Illegitimate

It's Corporate Welfare

It Comes From the People Who Brought You 'Free Trade'

It's Unnecessary

It's Part of the U.S. Government's Shell Game on Social Issues


The website for the Sacramento Mobilization has made another highly informative list called,
"The Issues"

Justice for farmworkers

the Agreement on Agriculture (AoA)

GE Fish

GE Trees

GE food aid and USAID



Who is Ann Veneman?

Pesticides and farm worker health and safety

US Empire/ Ag Imperialism

Family farms

Food Irradiation

Genetically Engineered food & agriculture

Corporate Power


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