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Two Towns of Jasper and Santa Cruz

There was a showing of the film documentary ‘Two Towns of Jasper’ tonight at the Methodist Church on California St. in Santa Cruz.
'Two Towns of Jasper' documents the reaction of Jasper Texas residents during the trials of three (white) men who murdered (black) James Byrd Jr. by tying him to a truck and dragging him 3 miles down a country road.

A black crew filmed the black residents; a white crew filmed the white residents. There was no interaction between the two crews until the film was edited.

Two of the groups involved in the film screening tonight were:

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
Women as Allies.

Following the film there was a moderated discussion. The question was raised; why talk about this here and now?

And how can we talk honestly?

It was pointed out that FBI statistics show California had 3 times (adjusted for percentage of population) the reported number of hate crimes as Texas in 2001:

– California: 2246 crimes for a population of 34,501.130; ratio to 1000 population - .065
– Texas: 434 crimes for a population of 21,214,801; ratio to 1000 population - .020

There was a signup sheet for those interested in continuing the discussion on an ongoing basis.

For more information on the PBS documentary 'Two Towns of Jasper' click here.

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