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Upcoming Sacramento related events

a few things you can check out in the next couple of days relating to the upcoming Sacramento actions (20-25 June)
Don't forget, tomarrow is Critical Mass. Recalim the streets for cyclists (and pedestrians and dancers and children)--meet at the clocktower at 5 pm.

Sunday, June 1 there's a skill-share, direct action training workshop at San Lorenzo park. Starts at noon. Skill-up for Sacramento!

Sunday, June 1, free film: a documentary mad by anarchists about the 1999 Seattle WTO protests. Starts at 9pm at 224 Walnut street parking lot (near bike church).

also; I'm still looking for people to bike to the sacramento actions--let me know (springbeebe (at) if you're interested and please tell your friends, too!

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Breaking the Spell - June 1st

Sunday, Noon-7pm at San Lorenzo Park

History of WTO and biotechnology
Safety and Medical
Self Defense
Civil Dis Training
and more!!!
look for the black flag

Sunday, 8pm at 224 walnnut ave.
Breaking the Spell
a free outdoor film
WTO Seattle 1999

The WTO is coming to Sacramento June 20th.


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