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We Can Change The Outcome

The current administration in Washington is doing tremendous damage, and the time is now to build for regime change in 2004. Here is why I support and Congressman Dennis Kucinich in their efforts to unseat Bush.
I believe that the United States is in a crisis. The most militarily powerful nation on Earth now spends more money on war and war preparations then the world’s next 15 largest military forces combined. Unemployment is skyrocketing, and our government has responded with tax breaks for the rich. The national debt is growing at the highest rate in our nation’s history, and the methodology of our nation’s war on terror is alienating much of the world community and generating new recruits for al Qaida and their allies. I believe that we need regime change in 2004. And so do our children, and the very future of our world.

Nine candidates have announced that they are running for the Democratic nomination. What happens in the next few months will shape, to a profound extent, whether or not the American public is given a real, compelling alternative in 2004. The stakes are enormous, and the time to get involved is now.

I believe that of the nine people running for the nomination, one stands as a beacon of vision, courage and commitment. I want to bring him to your attention, and invite you to support his campaign in an extremely simple yet powerful way.

This man is Congressman Dennis Kucinich.
For those who don’t already know about him, Congressman Kucinich (pronounced “koo-sin-ich?) is Co-chair of the Progressive Caucus in the House – the largest Caucus in the United States Congress. He led House opposition to the war on Iraq, referring repeatedly to Iraq’s “phantom? weapons of mass destruction. He has been a powerful spokesperson for peace (including proposing establishment of a cabinet-level department of peace), social justice, the environment, women’s rights, labor, fair trade, breaking fossil fuel addiction, and many of the other causes the progressive community holds dear. A deeply principled man, Congressman Kucinich is the only member of Congress who did not miss a vote last year (in contrast, the other members of Congress running for the nomination missed an average of half their votes last year). His proposals for living wages, universal health care, environmental protection, and the Department of Peace are practical, powerful, and persuasive. Congressman Kucinich has a knack for striking deep chords in the hearts of working people across the political spectrum, and I believe his candidacy can help to re-ignite a seemingly listless Democratic party and bring in many new supporters.

In Congressman Kucinich, I believe we have a real alternative to the destructive policies of the current administration -- a man who capably articulates a transformative vision, whose life and work come from a deep spiritual base, and who stands for a radically new direction for the future of our nation. The more I learn about who he is, what he’s done, and his vision for this country, the more inspired I become. (You can learn more at <> .)

As you may know, Moveon has 1.2 million members and raised more than $1 million for Senator Wellstone's last campaign in less than 24 hours just before he died -- and another $1 million for Mondale in less than 24 hours when he came in to fill the Democratic nomination. They also raised several million dollars for a few recent ad campaigns opposing the war and more recently the tax cuts and the FTC’s plans to allow mega-media mergers. They routinely generate 500,000 calls and faxes to elected officials on a day's notice on pertinent issues, and have become the progressive voice's most powerful online linking point in the history of the world.

Now Moveon is conducting a straw pole of their membership to see which of the Democratic candidates Moveon should support. Ultimately, they may choose one candidate and raise upwards of $5 million for their campaign. With Federal matching funds, that would come to $10 million – enough to take a grassroots campaign like Kucinich’s and launch it to a leading role nationwide.

If you aren’t already a member of Moveon, I invite you to join in this powerful force for progressive social change at <> (signing up for their bulletin makes you a member). And if you are a member, I invite you to vote for the Democratic candidates you want to see them working with – they should have already sent you a ballot.

Thank you for your attention, and for all the ways you take a stand for the transformation of our nation’s political future.

Ocean Robbins

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