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Yes on Measure B, URGENT!

Yes on Measure B needs your help NOW!

Headquarters @ 740 Front St, Suite 155 (behind MoBo Sushi). Glen Schaller 429.4210
YES on B really needs help during the day Monday to phone and leave messages
for voters (many of whose polling places have changed); Monday night @ 5:00
PM to hang doorhangers; Monday night at 6:00 PM to phone voters; to
poll-check Tuesday afternoon (meeting @ 1:30 pm); and Tuesday night at 6:00
PM to do the Election Night phoning.

YES on B Headquarters @ 740 Front St, Suite 155 (behind MoBo Sushi). Glen
Schaller 429.4210

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Re: Yes on Measure B, URGENT!

I intend to spend 2-4 hours a day helping out, on Monday and Tuesday - hope to see you there!

Measure B Special Election Tuesday, June 3

On June 3rd, Santa Cruz will vote on Measure B.
What is Measure B?
A last resort.

What will it cost Santa Cruz?
$6.75 a month for each homeowner.

Who is exempt?
Senior homeowners.

What will it pay for?
It will keep our neighborhood schools open. In fact it will keep the two schools with the highest population of Hispanic students open.
It will prevent a 60% increase in class size (K-3).
It will prevent teacher & librarian layoffs and fund art & music.

For more information on measure B call 429-4210 or visit the yes on B website (click here)


Okay, so it's a regressive tax. But at least it will sunset in 5 years, seniors are exempt, and only property owners have to pay. yeah, the claims about what it will do are highly exaggerated, still you have to hand it to this group for pulling together and coming up with a positive solution that so many diverse people are willing to back.

Vote For B, it'll help.


Re: Yes on Measure B, URGENT!

Do you really think that the claims made for the measure will be fulfilled, if it is certified as passing?

Are you aware of the financial shell game that the school district has been perpetrating for quite some time? Why is it really necessary to close neighborhood schools? How much money is really coming in and where is it really going?

Why are you so quick to accept a "regressive" tax for a "good" cause? If the ends justifies the means, why lambast President Bush for lying to get us into war with Iraq? Aren't the Iraqis better off with Saddam gone? Who cares if the constitution and popular sentiment were flouted? The US did a good thing, didn't it? Who cares if property owners pay regressive taxes? It's for our kids, isn't it?

Isn't the real enemy the state funding mechanism? Wasn't it supposed to buffer local schools from the problems of the economy and of regional economic differences, so that all would get a good education? Is the good education being delivered? Where is the buffer? Wouldn't we be better off if you could just give your money to a school and get a dollar-for-dollar state income tax credit? Why is it always tax, tax, tax?


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