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Goat Mowers at Neary Lagoon!

The City Parks and Recreation Department is conducting a pilot project to use goats as mowers; this morning, dirtman interviews Jared Lewis of Living Systems at Neary Lagoon where over 200 goats were munching away on some tall grass and weeds.
Field of Goats.jpg

Baby Gets Fed.Field of Goats.

Boer Goat.Jared with Goat.

In the audio interview, Jared comments on the advantages of goats over mechanical methods, explains their operation, and gives some information on goat ecology. These goats are pretty cool - they eat invasive thistles, too!
Baby Gets Fed.jpg
Boer Goat.jpg
Jared With Goat.JPG
Living Systems Interview.mp3 (2299 k)

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Re: Goat Mowers at Neary Lagoon!

I'm glad the city of santa cruz is finally exploring this innovative (and entertaining!) way of managing land. I remember my friend a while back complaining about the pollution and noise caused by mowers hired by the city...this seems like such a perfect solution to that problem.

Re: Goat Mowers at Neary Lagoon!

Excellent. I was wondering what they were going to do about the fire hazard, although I like the tall grass when it's fresh.
Go goats!

Re: Goat Mowers at Neary Lagoon!

I am the second grade teacher at your dad's school in forest hills. He shared your wonderful work with me because of the animal rescue work that I am involved in. I was truly fascinated by your efforts. It's so refreshing to see animals in such a beneficial endeavor instead of being exploited. I thank you for enlightening people to the proper treatment and care of all creatures. This is a value I endeavor to instill in my students. Thank you again.

Re: Goat Mowers at Neary Lagoon!

I am the second grade teacher at your father's school in forest hills. Knowing of my love for animals and the rescue work that I do, he knew I would be fascinated by your work. It's wonderful to see animals appreciated as contributing creatures rather than exploited. I've tried always to instill in my students a compassion and respect for all creatures. I hope I've been successful. Thank you for sharing your special venture. Michele Manos

'Re: Goat Mowers at Neary Lagoon!'

'Goats vs. mowing. \nGoats obviously win hooves down..\n -how wonderful!'


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