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Revolution Summer

Another American revolution is coming...

Revolution Summer San Diego is an attempt to promote the revolutionary spirit in San Diego, in order to also promote that spirit nationally and globally.

The revolution we wish to promote is simply the revolution of the many oppressed and suffering people over the few elite who are profiting on a grand scale from the current world order.

The organizers of Revolution Summer San Diego see the many activist struggles as the same struggle: a struggle against the order that is currently imposed on the world which places more importance on the wants of a few, at the expense of the lives and freedom of the many people and animals of the earth, and of the earth itself.

In an effort to strengthen and intensify the many activist struggles, Revolution Summer San Diego will consist of educational events, and related nonviolent protest actions, all summer long.

Throughout the summer months of 2003, thousands of people people are planned to gather in San Diego, CA to protest and take direct action against the many issues and facets of the system that maintain a world based on power, class, race, sex, and species. We invite everyone from all over the world to come to San Diego for the events of this summer, as well as for an international protest against the WTO meeting being held in Cancun, Mexico at the end of the summer. That international protest will be held on the Mexican border, just a few miles from San Diego.

upcoming events

Date: Saturday, June 21st
Time: 12:30-3:00 activist fair, protest at 3:00
Location: Balboa Park, near the World Beat Center
Revolution Summer will kick off with an activist fair, a march against police brutality and a vegan dinner.

So far, we are planning to have the following events at the activist fair:

- radical cheerleading
- puppet making
- NLG on criminal law for activists, demonstration law and first amendment rights
- pacifism as pathology

Also, we are planning on having food and other fun stuff such as a soccer game in the park. We will have speakers to talk about police brutality and our current climate of police state repression of free speech. All of this will be followed up by a march to protest the police state.

Flyers, please print and distribute:

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preliminary calendar

All teach-ins will be held at the Che Cafe, unless otherwise noted. Protest locations will be announced as the protest dates become closer.

June 25th Teach-in: US PATRIOT Act/Grand Juries, The War on Dissent

June 26th Community Event: NLG Legal Observer Training - From 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Moot Court Room, in the courtyard building at 2121 San Diego Ave. Learn how to do legal observing for demonstrations.

June 28th Action: Guerilla theater against the PATRIOT Act.

July 2nd Teach-in: Sweatshop Labor and Maquilladoras

July 4th Action: Funeral For Democracy

July 5th Action: Gap sweatshop protest

July 9th Teach-in: Smash Patriarchy 101

July 12th Action: Protest the exploitation of women and their sexuality in the gaslamp district.

July 16th Teach-in: National Lawyer's Guild on immigration issues

July 19th Action: Protest the INS/Department of Homeland Secruity

July 23th Teach-in: H.E.A.L., The Other Side of AIDS

July 26th Action: San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Pride Festival

July 30th Teach-in: Veganism as a political statement

August 2-3 Action: Animal liberation weekend - Protest McDonald's, protest vigil inside the world's largest concentration of dairy farms in the world.

August 6th Teach-in: Poverty, Homelessness, The War on The Poor

August 9th Action: Homeless Rally

August 13th Teach-in: Earth First! Militant eco-defense.

August 16-17th Action: Earth Liberation Weekend - Critical Mass bike ride, Earth First Action Camp

August 20th Teach-in: San Diego, The World's Largest Military Concentration, Military Pollution

August 23th Action: Resisting The World's Largest Military Concentration

August 27th Teach-in: Militarization of The Border teach-in

August 30th Action: Protest the Militarization of The Border

September 3rd Teach-in: Corporate Media Conglomeration and the the Death of Democracy, Independent Media

September 6th Action: Protest Corporate Media, War Profiteers and Government Propagandists

September 10th Action: Globalization, The WTO and the Border!

More details will be posted soon...

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