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City Targets Homeless Vehicles

The Police Department, through the Public Works Department, is planning a quick-and-dirty removal of homeless vehicles parking at night from 1 am to 5 a.m. on Washington, Center, and Front Sts. South of Laurel. Speak up now or weep later.
The low-intensity war against the poor downtown seems to be in full swing. Even before the more extensive "no nighttime parking all over the downtown" provisions of the City's Permit Parking Plan go into effect in January 2004, the City has removal of homeless vehicles on its mind. The targeted areas: Washington Street and on Center Street on both sides between Laurel and Pacific, as well as on Front St., South Side between Spurce and Pacific.

Strangely enough all these frontages are non-residential. That hasn't stopped the City from driving away homeless vehicles from Harvey West--which it began in the summer of 2001 by resolution from then-Councilwoman, now Mayor Emily Reilly.

The Public Works Department--with apparently no other public process than a City Transportation Commission [CTC] meeting on July 9th--is planning to post 'No Parking 1 am to 5 am" signs along non-residential frontages there. The SCPD is the agency pushing for this--according to Public Works personnel and documents.

Those who want to oppose this latest assault on homeless vehicle dwellers can e-mail Page White of the Public Works' Traffic Engineering Dept: pwhite (at)

Or drop a note at Room 201 of the Public Works Dept at 809 Center St.

More info by phone: 420-5185, but phone calls will not be logged nor communicated. Page White does return calls, however.

White says that she will be accepting written testimony at least until July 2nd or so, when she has to finalize the agenda for the CTC, which meets on July 9th.

CTC's discussion of the homeless exclusion no parking signs may be postponed until August because of a full CTC agenda. CTC opposed the passage of the even more anti-homeless City-wide Permit Parking proposal which zipped through City Council in April and June.

Phone White for more info.

HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) is interested in mounting protests against this police department removal of public space. Give HUFF a call at 423-HUFF (4833) or come to a HUFF meeting Wednesday mornings at 8:30 a.m. at Baker's Square Restaurant at 1107 Ocean St.

You can also tune into Bathrobespierre's Broadsides at 96.3 FM for more discussion on this issue (6-8 p.m. Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sundays) is the website where we stream.

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Re: City Targets Homeless Vehicles

If Robert Norris was so empahtic that the homeless get taken care of, I would think that he would use some of his money or residence to house them and feed them. He stands near the Merry Monday crowd, yet eats at 99 Bottles. Does he take food to the line? NO.


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