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Local Organizing Information for Sacramento Mobilization!

Thursday Art Party at RCNV

Saturday and Sunday Carpools from the County Building

Santa Cruz groups will convene a half-hour before the Spokescouncil meetings each night in Sacramento.
Thursday 6/19 Art Party

5:30 – 9:00pm at the Resource Center for Nonviolence parking lot.

Art supplies will be provided, but it would be helpful to bring whatever you can contribute which may include any of the following suggested items:

* Costumes and Accessories (ie.. Billionaires for Biotech and Hazardous Materials workers)

* Cardboard

* Paint and Brushes

* Fabric

* Newspaper

* Papier Mache supplies

Saturday 6/21 Mobilization to Sacramento!!

10:00AM Meet at the SC County Building to give or get a ride to (and from) Sacramento!

Sunday 6/22 Mobilization to Sacramento!!

9:00AM Meet at the SC County Building to give or get a ride to (and from) Sacramento.

Meeting Up in Sacramento!

Saturday 6:30PM at the Spokescouncil meeting location TBA

Sunday 6:30PM at the Spokescouncil meeting location TBA

Monday 6:30PM at the Spokescouncil meeting location TBA

Tuesday 5:30PM at the Spokescouncil meeting location TBA

Wednesday 6:30PM at the Spokescouncil meeting location TBA

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Bikers meet in Dublin on Friday at 9am

I want to let people who are considering biking to Sacramento know
that we are planning to converge at the Dublin BART station at 9am on
Friday morning (6/20) and bike from there to Sacramento.

People can call me at 247-1640 for more information.



Sacramento Mobilization

Santa Cruz Mobilization and Education List-Serve:

Update from Monday's Spokescouncil Meeting in SF

A friend of mine went to the spokescouncil meeting on monday in SF and
came back with some good information.

first off: there's another meeting at 7 pm on thursday in the redstone
building on the corner of 16th and Capp (near mission) in the city.

next: for anyone that can't make it to the SC ride departures, there are
busses from SF to Sac Sat/Sun/Mon departing from the Safewy on Market &
Dubose at 8 am and busses returning from Sac Sat 8pm, Sunday 7:30 pm,
and Monday 4:30 and 9:30 cost is $7 (but this might go down).

Direct action: the area around the conference centre has been divided up
into quadrents (earth, fire, wind and water), and the fire quadrent has
been given to people from the bay areas (thats all of SF bay area and
monterey bay area--including us!). for those of you familiar with Sac
or with access to a map, fire is between 14th and 16th from L street
to K street. there are a few different affinity groups planning actions
for this area, but it's always great to have more!

Also on direct action: the field trips planned for the delegates on
Wednesday are taking place at UCD, where apparentley they have test
crops and labs. if only we could get some ELF cells interested...

General; there is also a Janitorial strike going on in Sac right now, so
don't know if that's helpful, but it's always good to show solidarity
with worker's rights.

for those of you willing to get arrested: the legal hotline is
916-359-1081 and I hear that you can't expect any smiling faces in the
Sac police force, so be sure to remember to take full advantage of your
right to REMAIN SILENT! and jail solidarity is always appreciated.

Food: East Bay Food Not Bombs and Sac Food not Bombs are both planning
of providing food, so while it's always good to have your own supplies,
keep these guys in mind, too.

I guess that's about it from me, anyone that can make it to the spokes
on thursday in the city is definately encouraged to come and represent
their affinity group!

love and light

Santa Cruz Drum Corps Welcomes You

Santa Cruz Drum Corps is planning to be in Sacto for all or
part of the convergence. We welcome all to participate.

We've seen the effect that sustained
rhythms can have in centering and energizing crowds and we wish
to add our energy. Our sound is anchored by deep resonant
bass drums created from 55 gallon poly barrels with which
any other other instruments can be played.

... Okay, I'll be honest. Santa Cruz Drum Corps is essentially
me (brent) and whomever else plays along. I've been trying to
build a group and although the number of participants has been
astonishingly huge the regular membership of the band hasn't
been consistant. No matter. I've got extra barrel drums
a marching snare drum and plenty of easy to learn songs.
But even if it is just me playing it always seems to work.

If you have interest then let me know...

Bike 2 Sac

We are changing the rendezvous point and meeting time for people who want
to bike to Sacramento.

We will meet at 10am Friday morning the 20th at the Pittsburg BART station.
We found out that this is easier and shorter than going from Dublin as
earlier planned.

Please join us!

Tom Shaver 831-247-1640

Sacramento Mobilization

Santa Cruz Mobilization and Education List-Serve:


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