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BioTech Indymedia is Online!!!

Get ready for the next generation! The "Freedom of the Press Center" will be on the ground and running in Sacramento in the next few days bringing you everything you need to know. is also set to be up and fully functionable in the next few days.
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What is Indymedia Biotech?
Clara, 08.05.2003 10:48

This is a test site, trying to to use the potential of the gobal Indymedia network in a different form and to the benefit of groups and individuals whose work is more based in a global context than in a geographical location.

This site gives access to postings on biotechnology issues from the more than 100 local Indymedia sites, but it also offers open publishing to those regions that do not (yet) have a local IMC. Most articles are from local IMCs, but to start with this is only a collection of postings that appeared on Indymedia Brazil, Portland (US), UK and Germany.
All articles appear in their original languages and every user can and should add translations to make this site as multilingual as possible.

As this is an early version of a test site, a lot of links and pages are not working yet, but we hope you will get an impression of what this site could be.
Indymedia Biotech should be run by a group of volunteers interested in biotechnology from different regions around the world, and if you are interested in joining us to make this happen please cntact us at clara @

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