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BIODEV CARTOON by Charles Amsellem

ATTENTION ACTIVISTS! STOP The WTO and the Anti-Life Practices and Polices of Agribusiness
c 2003 by charles amsellem. all rights reserved. activists may reproduce for non profit use

European officials are resisting the insane policies of american agribusiness and the Bush administration is calling their refusal to admit genetically modified foods into their countries illegal. This development in association with protests could spell the end for the WTO! Converge on Sacramento and let your voice be heard. On June 22-25, Sacramento is an important destination for anyone concerned about genetically engineered foods, the rights of small farmers, and the environment and agricultural biotech companies controlling the world's food supply. This meeting will be a stepping stone to the September WTO Ministerial in Cancun and the Summit of the Americas on FTAA scheduled for Miami in November.

Indymedia networks are all over this event. Check out these sites for comprehensive background data, organizing/transportation/housing info, and relevent links:

San Fransisco

Portland has extensive coverage (great job yet again portland imc!)

Santa Cruz

San Diego


For up to the minute reports, please consider these sources:

The reporting number for Sacramento is 916-470-6961. To give live, up-to-the-minute updates for IMC volunteers post to the newly created Indymedia Biotech


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