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One Pencil One Vote

Usually I'm bored of supervisors but today the Supervisoral Board voted to keep an election paper trail intact in Santa Cruz County.
Against a tepid recommendation by the County Clerk the board voted unanimously to keep the current election procedure in place.

The item, agendized by Mardi Wormhoudt and strongly supported by Ellen Perie, squashed the possiblity of computerized 'touch screen' voting.

The County Clerk told the board that the computerized system was indeed safe from wrongdoing because the data would never be transmitted over the internet or any other network.

He was contradicted by a unified stream of citizenry, many of whom voted 'honest and fair elections' as the singlemost important issue today. No one came to speak in support of computerized voting.

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Re: One Pencil One Vote

I stand corrected.

What the board did was pass a resolution recommending that Secretary of State Shelly (who is pro-electronic voting according to Susan Marie Weber, plaintiff in the Weber v Jones also include a paper trail:

78. Consider resolution supporting House of Representatives 2239, the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2003, and requesting the Secretary of State to take actions requiring electronic voting machines to provide a voter verifiable and auditable paper trail.


This item was apparently placed on the public agenda through the efforts of an ACTION ALERT by the Santa Cruz Peace Coalition.


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