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a poem...
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vote in 2004/
even the score.../

Gore 50,999,897, Bush 50,456,002.../
re-defeat Bush!/

spend my tax dollars on your f--kin' war?/
not anymore!/

Bush lied, thousands died.../
reclaim American Democracy.../
war 4 profit is murder 4 money!/

if you are Democrat, Civil Libertarian, Independent, Reform, or Green.../
then know what I mean.../

we must unify our voting power in the 2004 Presidential election.../
and a Democrat right now is our only realistic chance 2 change present American political misdirection/

whether Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, Bob Graham, Dick Gephardt, Al Sharpton, Joe Lieberman, Carol Moseley Braun, or Howard Dean.../

anyone of them is better than Skull & Bones Bush and his cabinet of the ethically obscene!/


a short poem from the author of...

THE SUN ASCENSION, by Seth David King
ISBN 1-55395-561-7; $19.50 US/$28.95 CDN, paperback; 190 pages

Striking. Illuminating. Poetic. Political. Spiritual.

"I'm here to love like Mahatma Gandhi...
And fight like Muhammad Ali...
I come to stand up for human rights...
And demand to be free!"

Available online via…

Vote in the primary...
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Click on image for a larger version


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Do you not understand that the buttons and levers that Bush and Ashcroft now push were put in place by Clinton and Reno before them, and by the elder Bush, Reagan, and even Carter, Ford, Nixon, LBJ, JFK and their attorney generals even earlier?

Do you not understand that the real Axis of Evil that we should be worried about is the Demo-GOP axis, the good-cop, bad-cop routine that alternately "shocks and awes" the population first this way, and then that, but always forward toward the goal of the rulers' boot on your neck?

Do you not realize that, if elections can provide any solution at all, it will only be because the people turn dramatically from the zigzag path, down which the Demo-GOP drovers stampede us? Can you not see that the only voter revolution that will really work involves voting for anyone but the Demo or Republican candidate on the one hand, and voting against all further taxes, no matter how well-intended they may seem, on the other?

Even if we'll never change the basic bullying, taxing nature of government, doesn't it make sense that we can slow it down a little by sending home the "political machine" players and putting third-party and independent candidates in office? Doesn't it make sense that government will generally do horrendous bad with the money we send it, long before it eventually, begrudgingly does even the tiniest bit of good? Can you appreciate the importance of choking off the government's food supply -- taxes -- as thoroughly and quickly as possible?

If you want to participate in a real VOTER REVOLUTION, then can I count on you to keep these points in mind when you step into the voting booth? Or will you just continue to buy into the lie, and congratulate yourself for striking a blow for change when, in reality, you will have done nothing more than endorse more of the same old, same old?


Still the lessor of two evils just might make a big difference in the next election.

The balance must be maintained...
The Democrats bring us out of debt its been proven.

Third party candidates have little chance.

If someone third party arrives I'll give him a good look, but if he's got no chance I won't waste my vote nor promote that others do either.

Voting is just one part of the solution.
Many other things that we can do can make a bigger difference, but voting is still important especially in the next election to remove the HOLLOW MAN (G.W. Bush).


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