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A state of seige

When I broke down crying, my whole body shaking with fear,I knew I had seen the last of democracy. The whole crowd was bleating like sheep at the five hundred heavily armed police officers who had kidnapped protesters and local citizens who happened to be on the sidewalk and pushed them to the welcome center. As protesters tried to turn around and head back from what looked like a dead end street they were met with physical assault. Pushing and shoving protestors and citizens a like. When a black woman, a citizen of Sacramento spoke her mind about the WTO and Bush she was arrested.

The police force had just been met with a humiliating blow when REDRED's felony charges were dropped.

The police were humiliated that they had heavily armed themselves and blocked off the surrounding streets. Citizens looked on aghast by the paramilitary occupation of their city. The protestors wasted no mind on the police soldiers and had commenced to eating lunch. As platters of sandwiches were brought around on trays, and salad and cake were distributed to the dancing, singing protestors by Food Not Bombs, the general public at large saw for themselves that we were unmistakable nonviolent. As public support mounted the police realized that the general populace of Sacramento welcomed us. A great victory had been achieved as people were pleased to see us and were friendly.

The police blocked all alleyways, street exits and formed a long line stretching for about ten blocks from the justice center to the welcome center. Behind the wall of polce and cruzing tanks of police were horse mounted police officers.

A local citizen so overcome with grief and sympathy for us, a 40 year resident of Sacramento joined our group in solidarity with us. She was thankful to read and collect pamphaletts on GMO's upon arriving at the welcome center.

However, upon arriving at the welcome center and finding myself safe; I broke down sobbing realizing that the term dwindling rights was now too liberal of a description and that we now live in a police state.

The protest had about 200 participants.

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