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Bush in San Francisco 6/27

Bush will be at a $2,000-a-head fundraising lunch at the Airport Marriot in Burlingame on Friday June 27th.
Friday, June 27, 11 a.m.
S.F. Airport Marriott, 1800 Old Bayshore Hwy

Bush will appear at a $2,000-a-head fundraising lunch at the Airport Marriot in Burlingame, a stopover on his 2004 campaign tour. Help create a huge turn-out to tell Bush and the world, he's not welcome here!

For carpool information from Santa Cruz, call 415-821-6545.

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Re: Bush in San Francisco 6/27

Have you read, as I did in mainstream coverage of this event, that Bush seeks to raise $200M for his 2004 campaign? Have you worked out the numbers? Were you surprised to find out that he apparently plans to raise $1.89 for every person who voted in the 2000 election? Aren't you a little insulted that the big man thinks $1.89 worth of propaganda and "influence" per head will get him re-elected? Are you worried that the Demos won't be able to spend even that much -- maybe just a buck a head? Wouldn't it be smarter to hold out for something more substantial than $2.89 of lies, innuendo, false promises, and flash-in-the-pan glamour? Wouldn't it be better for the country and yourself, to vote for anyone BUT the Republican or Democrat?

What is the vote of a flummoxed conservative republican worth? $1.89?

What is the vote of a bamboozled, confused liberal democrat worth? $1.00?

What is the vote of an informed citizezn who sees through the good-cop, bad-cop con game that "bipartisan politics" is today in the US?


Will you let yourself be bought and sold, yet again in 2004?


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