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Results of Privatization on Pacific Avenue

The Santa Cruz City Council is proud of its efforts to turn over public space on Pacific Avenue to private interests. Who better to take care of public property than those who use it on a daily basis for their business? See some of the results!
Coffee Stand Planter.JPG

The tour begins at Jamba Juice, where someone must have been dumping their own product into the planters. Many of the planters look dead.

This lovely specimen is from the front of a coffee stand, which probably takes up more sidewalk space than just about any other establishment on the Avenue.
Finally, we have the truely bizarre modifications to the fence around the planter at Walnut and Pacific. These must be seen in person to be appreciated. Amazing what $7,200 will buy!
Coffee Stand.JPG
Walnut Planter 2.jpg
Jamba Planter.jpg
Walnut Planter.jpg

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