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A commentary on the Sacramento mobilization

Intimidation pisses me off. Why don't they understand that they only mobolize me to taking the correct non violent actions? The people of Sacramento love us. I mean they join our marches in solidarity, get arrested for screaming at the cops for they way they treat us, smile at us as we walk by and ask how we are doing. They give us their well wishing and blessings. The militarized police force here is loathed. They are scoffed at, get irritated angry looks from the citizens of this city who must work, and are screamed at by on lookers. We brought joy and happiness to them. Our parades (marches) are a source for excitement and curiousity. The citizens of this city loved our art work, theatrical presentations, and costumes.
The police are out of control. They know that they are despised and hated for hurting us, breaking the laws of humanity, and for inflicting cruelty upon the entire populace of Sacramento. To deal with this they tried to escort us away from the people of the city and to try to save the reputation of Anne Vennaman, monsanto turned USDA goon. We have spoken the truth. The victory is ours, good people, we have all risen up together. And we are bringing joy with us!
The police sadly have broken the law every hour, every five minutes in Sacramento this last four days.
Illegal raids, unlawful harrassment, entering private property without a warrant, unlawful use of force, the list goes on and on. Each incident is reported and documented, to the world at large.

Together we have mobolized to unarrest illegally arrested individuals, we have become the media, we feed and medicate each other, and we provide legal observation and news reports. We have provided breaking news coverage on all our events and there wasn't any centralized descion making.

Blessings to all people who have followed the events here and have taken careful documentations of them.

We must stop the Officer Lafavor's of this world and we must remember and bear witness to their cruelty.

No children, no women! No child or woman shall be harmed is the motto, but the officers here have target the women and children. And elsewhere in the coutry. We must take the power back.

In the face of intimidation get names, badge numbers, pictures, and audio recordings. State your rights, do not yeild to the mental pain compliance hold, and victory shall be ours forever.

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