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A Tail of Two Dogs

Dogs are supposedly banned on Pacific Avenue. But what that actually means depends more on the owner's life circumstances than the dog in question.
A Boy and His Dog.jpg
#file_1# This young man has been given several citations for dog violations. He is a homeless panhandler; his last citation was for walking his dog, on a leash, ACROSS Pacific Avenue. In other words, he was on a cross street and had no interest in being on Pacific other than crossing it for a few seconds in order to continue walking down a side street. The cops told him that he had to COMPLETELY bypass Pacific by walking almost a mile out of his way, up to the Clock Tower, in order to avoid a citation! This is the stupidist, most literal-minded view of the law imaginable. The SCPD should be ashamed of themselves.

#file_2# Here you can see a nice middle-class woman commiting multiple dog felonies right in front of an SCPD "Community Service Officer." Note that the dog IS NOT WEARING A HELMUT. And, the dog is (literally) on Pacific Avenue. It could take a crap and upset a merchant at any moment. The reasonable, intelligent, CSO (without a gun, yet) gives her a warning and she continues on her way.

The point is that middle-class folks and tourists get warnings for the most outrageous Pacific Avenue dog violations and the poor and homeless get expensive citations for even trivial offenses. We have the same laws for all citizens; they are simply enforced differently depending on your "profile": race, economic status, appearance, age. It is getting like the old South Africa down on Pacific Avenue; see the Sentinel article on the District Attorney's plans to create a class of people who are permanently banned from Pacific Avenue.

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Re: A Tail of Two Dogs

We need to watch the Po-Po more closely!!
This is so true and unfortunately many Middle class white activists don't even realize the privileges and benefits that come with a certain skin color. Kudos to dirtman for exposing this obvious hypocrisy and yet another example of what is called selective enforcement depending on "profiles". This is no better than D.W.B. (driving while black or brown) and obviously race isn't the only factor. One must also consider social class.
The po-po in this town needs constant reminders that they are suposed to protect and serve, not endanger and repress the general public, meaning EVERYONE NOT JUST WHITE YUPPIES. There are some good officers on the force and we need to acknowledge their good efforts towards keeping our hoods safe. But some unfortunately, especially the cops who work the downtown area, are extremely over zealous and punitive with people. They often don't listen or respond to comments or questions. Too often they just act with out thinking or attempting to understand the situation. This is good for no one.

On a final note, I had a male Latino SCPD officer try to tell me that police harrassment doesn't exist in SC and that the police are "just doing their job". LOL... that one kept me chuckling for weeks....


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