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Ex-Mayor de la Paz Gets Off Easy

On May 28 Richard de la Paz allegedly got drunk and hit a woman when she refused his advances and threw water on him.
Some kind of fight ensued and de la Paz alleged that Chris Lauesen (male), and others hit him. de la Paz left with a 'designated driver' only to reappear with reinforcements to teach Lauesen a lesson.

Lauesen alleged that de la Paz and friends jumped him, saying "Remember me, punk?"

From the Bay City News:
"Reports have surfaced that when de la Paz returned home after the altercation, he got into a fight with his wife, who called 911. Details of that incident have not been made available."

de la Paz stated later for the record:
"But I will tell you I did not strike a woman ... I did not strike a woman. I'm very confident that my name will be cleared once this is all over,"

The woman did not press charges.

A police officer was on the scene but no police action was taken. Lauesen then emailed three Watsonville City Council members.

de la Paz was promptly voted out of his mayorship by his fellow City Council members(
and an investigation ensued.

After an investigation by the Santa Cruz Sherrif's office and Bob Lee's DA office, de la Paz was charged this week with a misdemeanor, disturbing the peace.

If de la Paz had been charged with a felony he would be barred from holding public office. He has stated that holding higher office is his aspiration.

Take a look at the following excerpt from a Sentinel article ( and judge the investigation's credibility for yourself.

"A police officer went to the Villager parking lot that night, but no police report was filed. Lee said the officer was at a nearby satellite station and saw what looked like a confrontation. He separated the parties, not knowing the mayor was involved. Lee said it was not his job to question the officer’s conduct."

Question for DA Bob Lee. How many cops don't know what the mayor of their town looks like?

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