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Rummy's 4th of July--or ours?

Taking back the 4th of July from Bush and his fellow warmongers.
Donald Rumsfeld wants us to celebrate the Iraq war on the 4th of July.

There is even an adorable Family Circus cartoon for your kids to color, with the kids saying "Thank you for protectin' all us kids!"

Is *that* what we were doing? I know a lot of kids got blown up--I must have missed the news stories about all the kids we were protectin'

Not on your freakin' life, Rumsfeld! How about we print out and post lots of patriotic anti-Bush posters:
that show how lots of Americans really feel about the direction Bush and his cronies have been taking this country?

Obviously Rumsfeld has a lot more money and influence behind the 4th of July that he is promoting. But we have the "left wing internet cabal" to work with.

Help us prove that the left wing mouse-pushers are a force to be reckoned with!

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