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Protest the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab Aug. 10

Hands Around the Lab
Nonviolent Rally and March
Sunday, August 10, 2003

Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab
Rally: 1:30 March: 3:00pm

William Payne Park
5800 Patterson Pass Rd (at Vasco)
Livermore, California

Directions: By car: I-580 to Vasco Rd. Exit: go South 2 miles
By Bart: Shuttles will be provided from the Dublin/Pleasanton Station

Twenty years ago more than 5,000 people converged on and surrounded Livermore nuclear weapons lab in protest of the Reagan administration’s nuclear arms buildup.

Today, the Bush administration is targeting nations for preemptive attack- including with nuclear weapons- while preparing to build new kinds of nuclear weapons and resume full scale underground testing.

Now, more than ever, it is vital to send a resounding message that we reject the Bush administration’s aggressive nuclear policies and call for immediate steps to negotiate the elimination of all nuclear weapons everywhere. Global disarmament starts at home: it is time to disarm America.

Help us surround the Lab again. Please attend if you are able; participate symbolically if you can not attend. And help spread the word about the event!

For more Information:
Tri-Valley CAREs: (925) 443-7148
Western States Legal Foundation: (510) 839-5877
Livermore Conversion Project: (510) 663-8065
California Peace Action: (510) 849-2272

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