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Queers Jailed for Joining Pride Parade

Radical queers brought their critique of the corporatization of the gay pride celebration into the parade Sunday afternoon. The activists peacefully joined the parade at 7th and Market Streets to carry a banner that read, “Queer mutiny - not consumer unity.� About twenty protestors marched on the parade route for less than 5 minutes. The protestors dispersed when the police asked them to return to the sidewalk. Unfortunately, six activists were arrested before they were able to leave. They are being held at 850 Bryant Street and may face felony charges.

The activists are holding a press conference at the jail, 850 Bryant St., on Monday, June 30th, at noon. Come show your support!!! Call District Attorney Terrance Hallinan 415-5531741 and tell him to drop the erroneous charges.

Members of gay shame and other radical queers activists choose to protest the Gay Pride parade for substituting queer community building with corporate sponsorship. The pride parade ignores pressing issues facing members of the queer community, such as homelessness. When they joined the parade, the activists’ passion for justice contrasted starkly with conservative mayoral candidate Gavin Newsom’s contingent behind them. For more info contact: 510/219.3450

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