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Campus Greens 2003 National Convention

Campus Greens 2003 National Convention to be held in Austin, Texas August 7-10th
***Please Forward Widely***
Thursday, August 7th through Sunday, August 10th, 2003
University of Texas-Austin

Campus Greens is a driving force behind beginning and pushing for radical change on campus. Campus Greens have spearheaded and supported many campaigns including the Boycott on Taco Bell, the fight against private prisons, worked in solidarity with the Green Party of the United States, and supported the anti-war movement with hundreds of campuses participating the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition’s Books Not Bombs Student Strike.
With a year of resistance and the years to come, the University of Texas chapter decided to volunteer to put on this year's National Convention in where else? Austin! It's scheduled for August 7-10th.
We have an exciting line-up of workshops to take place Friday and Saturday. Just to give you a sample, a few include:
∑ Intro to Organizing 101
∑ Taking over Student Government
∑ Migrant Workers Issues
∑ Know your rights
∑ University Watch
∑ Becoming the Media
∑ Student Run Recycling
∑ Direct Action Training
∑ Anti-Oppression Training
Two Panels Include:
∑ Young Elected Greens on How and Why to Win Change
∑ Representatives from Interconnected Movements on about Resistance on All Fronts

After two full days of workshops the Super Rally on Saturday night will be a welcome time to kick back and be inspired. Talent from around the country will give an exciting show to all those who come.

Some confirmed speakers and performers include David Rovics, Drew Dellinger (slam poet from Chi-town), Kevin Danaher (co-founder of Global Exchange and Human rights activist), Nathalie Paravicini (Candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Texas), Robert Miranda of the Greater Milwaukee Green Party, Rahul Mahajan, Dan Johnson-Weinberger of the Center for Voting and Democracy, Austin and Houston Indy Media Centers, NYU and UT University Watchdogs.

Some invited speakers include Ralph Nader, Winona LaDuke, Cynthia McKinney, David Lippman, Medea Benjamin, Naomi Klein, Maxine Wolf and Bell Hooks. In conjunction some invited performers are Ani DiFranco, Talib Kweli, Jello Biafra, Radiohead, Mos Def, Patty Smith and Dave Grohl. Open to all and set in the middle of Austin's downtown, it's sure to be memorable and empowering night.

-UT Austin Campus Greens
Please contact the Campus Greens Convention Organizing Team with questions about the convention. SEE YOU IN AUSTIN!!!
Campus Greens
cgconvention03 (at)
(512) 736.6852

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