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The Pursuit of Happiness

Here is an opportunity to use international law to enable the Pursuit of Happiness.
OK - so for all you good people who are opposed to the way things presently are, here is an opportunity to use international law to do something positive about it. This may at first glance appear to be a roundabout route, but please think about it.

Please read the article at the following web address and ask yourself if the specific crime it details should be formally reported:

If your answer is 'yes', then please act. The principle subject of the article - the Riegle Report - has never once been discussed in the British press, nor in our Parliament until I wrote to all our MPs about it on 22 February. Many more people are aware of this in the United States than in Britain, particularly those of you who know of the efforts of the Father of the US Senate – Senator Robert Byrd.

The point of this message, however, is that if you would like to see the British Government follow international law and its own stated policy, please ask every friend you have in Britain to take two minutes to e-mail their MP and request this via:

Like Senator Byrd, a few good British MPs are already committed and many more are sitting on the fence as you read this, so every e-mail sent now can help to influence them. Tens of thousands of e-mails are needed, so please ask everyone you know in every part of Britain and spread the word to everyone of like mind in the United States to do the same. British MPs may not respond to you, but they are BOUND to respond to their own constituents in Britain. The truth, as always, is a powerful disinfectant – if it can be brought to light, but only WE can do this.

The Law is the Birthright of the People. Let us use it for the Pursuit of Happiness.

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