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Voting Technology: 7/3 & 7/5 on Ch. 27

David Dill, computer technology professor from Stanford, will discuss Electronic Voting Technology with local activists & politicians on Voices Ch. 27, 7/3 and 7/5 at 7:30 p.m.
The discussion will include:
Federal, state and local legislation;
Opposition and activism;
Who's paying for it and who's profiting from it;
Hacking, crashing, patching, glitches and sunspots;
The argument for a paper trail - give voters proof they voted and how;
Were "hanging chads" the real problem with the Florida elections?
How computerized voting provides the means for targeting precincts and demographics to affect the outcome of elections.

Voices is on live Thursday 7:30-8:30 on Channel 27, Santa Cruz Community Television. The call-in number is 425-8844. The voting technology program is scheduled for 7/3 and will be re-broadcast Saturday 7/5.

Learn more about this issue:

Help America Vote Act of 2002 ("HAVA"):

CA Secretary of State Kevin Shelley:

Articles by David Dill:

For more information, contact producers at:

Santa Cruz Community Televsion, Voices:
voicesctv (at)
425-8848 x306

Pam Richmond:
web_weaver922 (at)

Mark Halfmoon:
markhalfmoon (at)

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